Assignment seven 7. I got this assignment info from the museum of civilization. Which category of Canadian Personalities interested you the most? Did you like the “we inspired”, “we founded”, “we fought”, “we built” or “we governed” section the best? The category that I liked the most was when you clicked on the people and it would give you a short summary of them and there career. Which personality interested you the most? Find an image of him or her to embed (add to the body of your post) and write, in your own words, a short description of what he or she did and why he or she is your favourite. If you get information from any source, you must credit it by creating a link to it (that includes information from the site that I’ve asked you to look at). The personality that interested me the most was Samuel De Champlain because I always found that being an explorer really interested me allot and that I like to find things. This man did exactly that he was an explorer and he made huge discovery’s and he was amazing in orienteering witch I find quite fascinating.

At his time he was quite amazing. In your post, suggest three more influential Canadian personalities that could be added to this site. Why did you choose these people? Which categories would they fit into? Link to information about each of them. The first influential person that I decided to post was Fergie Jenkins. He was the fist Canadian to ever make it into the baseball hall of fame. He is a real inspiration and I might talk more about him on the announcements. I chose him because he is sporty just like me. The second person that i chose was Jarome Iginla. He is a very smart on the ice and is a member of the Calgary Flames, he is the captain too. This is a very great hockey player and actually grew up in the place that I grew up (St. Albert, Alberta). The last player that I chose was Wayne Gretzky.

This is also a very good hockey player. He is actually named the best hockey player ever played. He has the most records ever held by a single player. Now he is the coach of a hockey team called the Phoenix coyotes. His nickname is the great one. This is very cool you should try it, you get to see what influential Canadian you are most like. Unfortunately I was not able to do it because it froze up. Which History-Maker did you have the most in common with? Were you able to figure it out from the clues given? What do you share with that person? What are some things that are different between you and that person? The person that I was most common with was an artist named Emily Carr. I was not able to figure it out. Actually the only thing that I said related to this was that art was one of my favourite subject.

The things that I share with that person is we have the same amount of family members (4), we both like to draw, and we both were in a school club. Some differences that we had were that she would rather have her face on a coin instead of being named after a school, and she liked to travel in Canada not all around the world. One hundred years from now, (in 2109!) imagine that students are learning about Canadian History Makers and they discover you. What will you be remembered for? How were you a Canadian History Maker? You are using your imagination, so think about some things that you would like to accomplish in your life and imagine that you have all the accomplishments of your life to look back on. Write a short profile of yourself, imagining the contributions you have made to the future of Canada. Write this as though you’ve lived your whole life. Jordie Cseke- This is an amazing soccer player. He started when he was 15 in 2012. He had been trained by two of the best soccer players ever, Cristiano Ronaldo, and Ronaldihnio. He has broke over 20 record including most goals scored, most free kicks put in as goals, and most played. Before he was discovered as a soccer player he was discovered as an engineer working at his grandfathers business tyne industries. He was born in 1996 in Burlington, Ontario and lived there for three years, then he moved to Edmonton, Alberta for seven years, then he moved to Ottawa and stayed there for five years, then he got discovered. This man is so thoughtful that he even opened up his own hospital all dedicated on finding a cure for cancer. Now that he is dying we are all remembering his accomplishments.

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