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Today snippets are the norm. Snippets are summaries; a headline, subject, content,tone, language, need or even creator. Snippets grab attention what is going on, something that has happened, a headline, a piece of information. They create interest and desire to pull more linked to headline; Snippets grab attention, or do not. Interest generated in a nano second, and we both engage and pull more or we walk away. Choose to walk we are informed, stay consume and we become more informed. Our ability, or desire, to consume rafts of content is diminishing. Summaries are often enough; succinct, message stark. Here there are riches to made, and a snippet is more than a headline — controlling the snippet is the new way of marketing and commercializing content. The created has changed. Consumers create content and comment on existing content. Sometimes this content or comment links or refers to content created by professionals or published by professionals, but often not.

Consumers dominate in the content stakes, they are the lead in create and share. The balance of power has shifted. The creator has changed The desire and appetite for knowledge and information is not waning, content consumption is exponentially growing. Digital technologies are seeing to that. The challenge for professionals is to understand how to take advantage; how to create, package, promote their content. We are living an unnatural and unsustainable life in the Brave New World Order. We now live in a carefully constructed, artificial reality shaped by endless repetitions of memes, disinformation and propaganda inculcated through mass media indoctrination and bureaucratic institutional brainwashing. This purposely instilled discombobulation was designed to leave you confused, tired, overworked, and in ill-health, unable to contemplate their these devious machinations that seek to subtly and covertly controlled. Put simply: to render you easily manipulated, our BraveNewWorldOrder’s social engineers have deliberately scrambled our understanding our familial roles, dietary nutrition and health, understanding of finance and economics, and a proper understanding of education.

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