When you first arrived at university you were full of excitement: in a new environment, away from home, new friends and a completely new world. Then came the assignments; they seemed to fill your life. Just as you start one you are given another task by the next lecturer. Life becomes researching, writing, late nights, frustration and looming deadlines you know you will not meet. You can hardly remember when you went out with your friends and enjoyed yourself. If that was not bad enough, each assignment seemed to have different rules for writing them. Contrast and compare essays, persuasive essays, book reports and book reviews. Not to mention literature reviews, lab reports, thesis and dissertations. Hours spent in libraries doing research or searching though the Internet trying to find out relevant information. Then time spent figuring out what rules apply to your current paper and its formatting. Soon you want help and wish you could ask some friend to write my assignment for me. However, they are as busy as you are. I will have to write my assignment timely. What should I do? When you think of going to a movie, you suddenly remember, “I must write my assignment” and you cancel your plans and instead of relaxing with friends, you are searching Internet for information.

Thank you too for liking my poem and for the wonderful ratings you have given me. You are an example of goodness Gail. Sending good thoughts and hugs! You have risen above the “words of terror” that broke your heart again and again. You endured violent abuse, neglect and fear. Still, you lived through all that to become the man that you are today. And you have found a way to invert your abuse into exceptional poetry. Your remarkable writing is the result of your childhood suffering. I am honored to be the recpient of your beautiful compliment and inspired at the same time. Thank you Vincent. You are loved! What a beautiful message from such a beautiful writer. 6 years ago from Somewhere between Heaven and Hell without a road map. My husband is one that doesn’t understand the power of the words he uses and doesn’t understand why I get upset.

I’ve tried to explain it to him but he doesn’t get it. I’m printing this out and stapling it to his forehead. Awesome hub and voting up. I’m discovering that more and more of my hub friends have known first hand the sting that comes with abuse, especially verbal abuse. How distructive words can be. I love the people here in our hubpage family who are always ready to step up to the plate and deliver words of support. You are one of those, tammy! Somehow, shame is felt by those receiving the abuse. Writing about inner emotions and feelings is healing. Thank you my friend for your deep understanding and support. Thank you Audrey for giving your stamp of approval on my poem. I like your poem on words. I don’t see any reason to be discouraging rather than uplifting, motivating and positive, especially to children. It simply spreads kindness and creates meaningful and lifelong morals and values. In today’s crazy world, it is just smart to spread kindness because you really never know how your simple acts or words can influence somebody for the better and make their day so much happier. I thank you for your support.

I always “light up” when I see that you have taken time to visit me. May you always hear words of kindess, joy and love! I’m so sorry that you had to take being bullied as you were growing up. And adding to that, to be made to feel like you are to blame. Makes me so mad! In spite of all that you have become a beautiful adult with a kind heart. That’s what counts. I’m very glad you liked my hub so much – I feel so good when I hear that. Take care, dear friend and know how much you’re loved! Thank you for writing such a powerful hub It is so very true that words can be so hateful and can cause a child to feel utterly degraded and useless. Those words the hear flung at them are burnt into their memory. It is unfortunate that many children will grow up doing what they hear and see. The cycle abusive must be broken! 20 – How old were you when you asked your father to come back home?

A brave action for a youngster and so glad he listened to you and came home. Such a great hub that hopefully will penetrate the hearts of those who use words that hurt so badly. Children will grow up to fling those same words right back if not conscious of the damage they do. Children are like sponges and take words to heart. To see the countenance fall on these little faces breaks my heart. Thank you for sharing this wonderful hub. Positive self-talk is essential to a healthy, productive life and I think sometimes it takes a lifetime to overcome childhood for a person whose experiences in childhood were damaging. Voting up and awesome. You are so right – harsh words leave scars that last a lifetime. I agree – the physical abuse is less damaging, in the longterm, in most (if not all) cases. This is not to suggest that it’s a minor thing when someone is physically abusive – it just means some things cut way more than skin deep. Thank you Denise for your lovely comment.

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