The Truth by Credo Mutwa – About Africa and the People of Africa – AIDS – H.O.W. Credo Mutwa is the highest ranking sangoma/shaman in the world. ‘Sangoma’ is the Zulu term that describes all kinds of traditional healers in Southern Africa – the so-called ‘witch-doctors’. Calling sangomas ‘witch doctors’ today would be a blatant insult as they, excluding the con-artists and evil frauds, are in fact homoeopaths, believing in the healing power of specific plants and substances. Unfortunately they have acquired a bad reputation in Western Civilization due to the fact that they consider some uncooked parts of animals and even of humans also as deterrents of ‘evil’ and remedies for all kinds of ailments. A system of symbols and symbolic representations is also to be followed, which is regarded as superstitiousness and bigotry by Western Civilization. A ‘Shaman’ is a member of certain tribal societies who acts as a medium between the visible world and an invisible spirit world and who practices magic or sorcery for purposes of healing, divination, and control over natural events.

My People by Credo Mutwa critisizes the influence of western Christianised civilisation, which has imposed alien values on a proud, religious and historic race. Credo Mutwa’s book ‘My People’ has given me a deep insight in the mind, soul and traditions of black Africans. The fact that I don’t share all Credo’s believes is totally irrelevant. Personally I believe that UNDERSTANDING the culture of other nations and RESPECTING and CONSIDERING what is important and special for them just because it is, even though it is not for me, is MY IDEA of loving my neighbor. I take my hat off for Credo Mutwa (already in his eighties), who had left no rock or mountain in his path untouched during his mission to reach his goals. One of many projects on his list is a hospital for people suffering Aids. Read more about this hospital here. Also note the following notification of the webmaster posted on the ‘Contact’ page: “We no longer accept emails.

I, the author of this hub, take, however, no responsibility for Credo Mutwa’s and RT Thomas fundraising projects. Donors have to ensure themselves of their credibility and objectives. Who is Credo Mutwa? According to Credo’s Christian father, Credo was born in Zululand (now the province Kwazulu Natal in South Africa) on 21 July 1921 just after the 1918-1919 influenza epidemic that had killed thousands of people in Southern Africa. So there was Credo as a baby in 1921, born illegitimate and therefor the greatest shame among the Zulus in the village of his mother. Twelve months later his grandfather sent him (happily on request) to his Christian father who had raised him in accordance with Christian believes. At the age of 16 Credo was seized and sodomized by a gang of mineworkers – a serious trauma that had left Credo emotionally and physically ill for many months. White doctors were not able to cure his wounds. And so young Credo’s Christian father decided to send Credo back to his ‘heathen’ mother and grandfather where traditional healers might be able to heal Credo’s wounds. Credo was healed by his grandfather.

Thereafter, filled with respect and admiration, Credo started his quest for the truth behind so-called ‘heathen’ traditions versus Christian traditions. “I have spoken to some of them (black political leaders) and these men and all of them have one thing in common, they are simply white men in black skins. And this is why they fail again and again to create a peaceful, progressing and prosperous Africa. They are still slaves of their long departed colonial masters…. Look at the confusion and the crime in South Africa, the disunity and the epidemic political killings. What do all these things tell you? “I am one of the scums of this earth, a creature dejected and ridiculed by university professors who later came sneaking into my home seeking the very information that they ridiculed me for revealing. I am a black man who has every reason to be bitter and angry…. I have every reason to be angry with the frot that is called western civilization. I have every reason to be angry with the various foreign religions that enslave our people’s minds and blinker their vision.

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