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How do I become more flexible in my creative process? Mr. Rose: Practice. The only way to get past your writer’s block is to write. You should try writing without over-thinking. Try this exercise, write whatever you think of, don’t read it yet, just write. It will be foreign of course, because you are used to thinking before you write. But you always have the privilege of editing and rewriting. Can I ask you a question – do you let people proofread your work? I am a perfectionist and I want my first draft to be my final draft. Mr. Rose: I had a feeling. Almost all of the writers that I studied that had writer’s block share your views. They didn’t want to be criticized. But I have found that better writing comes from honest feedback. If you don’t have at least one other set of eyes reading your work, you will never learn the perspective of the audience. You are reading what you intend, in other words, it is already in your head what you are trying to say so when you are reading your paper you understand yourself.

A reader, however, may not be ascertaining the meaning you intend. That is why it is beneficial to ask someone you trust to read the paper. Ask them questions about what they read. Ask them what they see as the main point of your writing. See if it matches what you were trying to convey. Me: This is very helpful advice. I must admit it is going to be a challenge for me to allow someone to see my work mid-process, but I understand what you are saying. I accept your challenge of just writing. I still want the first sentence to be an attention-grabber, but there is always time to edit. Thank you for your time. Mr. Rose: You’re welcome. I look forward to hearing about your progress. Shall we meet next month to discuss? Especially since your article was published in the late 1970’s? Perl: I think regardless of the times, the definition of an unskilled writer and a skilled writer remain the same.

Certain students have this almost innate ability to set up an essay with structure and clear thought. However, I do not believe that those type of students make the majority. I do believe that most students today feel as though they lack a certain structure when it comes to formulating their thought into written words. Me: I agree: as long as there’s writing assignments, there’s going to be students who are deemed unskilled. Do you think there’s one specific factor in determining whether or not a writer is skilled? Perl: There’s so many diverse forms of writing which creates a wide variety of writers. Just because a student lacks in say, grammar, does not mean the student does not have intelligent ideas. I don’t think one specific trait can deem a writer unskilled- I think it’s a consistent mix. Me: Do you think you would be able to conduct your experiment today? Do you think the results would still be the same? Perl: I think regardless of times, the adversity college writers experience will remain the same. Students will continue to fall into patterns much like Zach did.

It’s common for student’s to maintain a certain format but its important that if they want to improve their writing, they have to relearn it. Me: Thanks for giving me a chance to talk with you Ms. Perl; I really enjoyed reading your research of “The Composing Processes of Unskilled College Writers”. I too consider myself to be an unskilled writer and struggle with my classes whenever I am required to write an essay on a piece of literature. Your methodology was limited to only 5 students though; if you don’t mind me asking why you didn’t choose to amplify your resources to have a better understanding of writing processes? Perl: Not a problem! Thank you for your interest. Writing is my passion and I was curious as to the ways people write and their strategies. I wanted to put together a group of people, not to many, so that I could manage better and get a closer look at peoples’ writing individually.

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