Most people are familiar with the fact that a high IQ score is a sign of intelligence, but few people understand what an IQ test really is or how it can improve their life. The “IQ” stands for Intelligence Quotient. This number is determined through a complex set of formulas and data developed over a century of research into the human mind and how it processes information. While early IQ tests may have been simplistic and gave poor results among certain ethnic groups, modern IQ tests are designed to very accurately reflect the intelligence of the test taker. Studies have confirmed that there is a correlation between how well a person’s brain works and how well they can do on an IQ test. The only limitation is whether or not the test taker understands the language the test is administered in.

The primary benefit of an IQ test is that it lets test takers know how smart they are and how they should apply those smarts. Low IQ scores do not necessarily mean that the person taking the test is dumb, but it does mean that they do not possess the sort of raw intelligence needed for a highly technical occupation such as brain surgery or rocket engineering. High scores are also not a sign that someone is good at all things, but there is a strong correlation between high IQs and an occupation in higher mathematics and sciences. Getting an IQ score is thus a great way for someone to determine what sort of job best fits their mental abilities. This way they do not choose a career that will bore them with easiness or frustrate them with difficulty. Many companies even now like to look at the IQ scores of potential employees since a high IQ score indicates that someone will be very good at a task involving higher math, language or scientific concerns.

An IQ test may also be a gateway to scholarships or other academic attention. While the vast majority of people score within 20 points of the median score of 100, people who score exceptionally high are sought after by institutions and “brain trusts” who need very smart people to complete complex tasks. It is very hard to determine a person’s intelligence based on everyday tasks. Someone who is merely a competent bus driver or mechanic may in fact have the intelligence necessary to study astrophysics or engineer advanced electronics. Gauging a person’s intelligence with an IQ test is the best way for them to ensure that they do not waste their potential.


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