So why exactly is learning a language so difficult to do? well for one, it is very difficult with learning how to properly pronounce and to speak new languages in the correct dialect. When you are so used to speaking a certain language all your life, learning another language causes you to compare two languages together to learn a new one. There are many different languages to learn in this world such as learning Chinese, Spanish, Mandarin, Portuguese, French, German, Polish, Russian, Hebrew, Japanese. So you can see that there are lots of languages the human race has put forth for itself. Learning them will take a lot of time and a lot of money depending on how you wish to learn a new language.

You can hire a tutor, take a college course at a school, you can buy an audio translation tape, you can hire a tutor or expert on the particular language you wish to learn, or you can get an English to language translation booklet. Either way you will still have dedicate hours upon hours to study each day, and to practice with other people of that particular language, or even to practice in from of your friends with the written translations on 3×5 note cards or on a piece of paper, to see if you are saying the correct words with the same meaning in your own English language. Although it can get tough, you can always visit others online to practice with that can help you move toward mastery or at least amateur status.

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