Paramedic is the science dealing with emergency services which are usually dealt before getting to the hospital. A professional working in this field is called a lab technician or a ground paramedic. The major work areas in the paramedical science are based on incident, prepare lab reports, set IV line, first-aid etc. They are meant to brief the doctors before resenting any case. With an increase in demand for the medical assistance and expansion of medical institutes in India the scope has also taken an upward stride. Paramedics are like the underdogs on whom people rely for patient care and other assistances. Every year we find more than six million employment vacancies just for Paramedics. The rise will increase with increased quality of healthcare in this nation. The George Telegraph Institute understands this potential and offers the best lab technician course. To get detailed information on these specialties visit the website or feel free to reach out to us and we will happily assist you further. A lab technician course is focused on training to become skilled and efficient to serve in hospitals, nursing homes, emergency medic centers or you could start your own nursing home or training centre. The choices lying ahead in the field of medical are endless. It is the most expansive and booming industry that there is. The requirement to hire paramedics is constant. George Telegraph will not only teach you how to practice all the medical procedures but alongside provide with recruitment training. Top standard placement opportunities are offered at George Telegraph to all its students after successful completion of their courses.

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My university has A Plan for dealing with the H1N1 virus should it become a major problem in the student population this year. And that plan is that faculty should have plans to deal with the H1N1 virus should it become a major problem in the student population this year. It’s a little hard to plan for this. We can tell our students that if they get the flu, they should not come to class. But what else should we do? How much should we plan for massive absences? For most of my classes (other than giga-classes), I have a system that I use when students miss class or an assignment, and I plan to keep using this system if at all possible. This system involves make-up assignments that require a bit more effort than the students would have to expend had they physically been in class, but not so much more that the assignments are unfair.

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