Why we’re different from the rest


A quality of service unparalleled by our competitors

Here at UK Best Essays we’re proud to be different from our competitors. Whilst our competitors try to copy our guarantees they can’t replicate our quality of service and reliability. Yes some of our competitors may refund you if something goes wrong, but why risk your degree only to be compensated by a refund?

We guarantee your grade

Get the grade or your money back and work corrected for free.

Whilst it’s become common for companies to guarantee the quality of the work they deliver we’re the only essay writing company who guarantee that you’ll receive the grade you order when your work is marked. This means that even when you rewrite the work we deliver we guarantee you’ll get the mark you ordered!

Our guarantees are considered to be a last resort to ensure that you receive your money back if we ever make a mistake. We pride ourselves on our quality control and consistency and aim to never have to refund a single customer due to poor quality work. Delivering on this promise is simple thanks to our internal quality control team of over 15 subject specific experts.

Get Your Grade or Your Money Back!

If you use our order to create your own work, but fail to get the grade when you submit it – then we will completely refund your order. This is how confident we are that the work we provide to you is that good!

Get your work on time

Over 99% of orders this year have been delivered on time

If we’re ever late you’ll receive a full refund and your work for free. We know how important it is to have your essay before your submission deadline. Not only do you need time to check the accuracy of the work that we have provided, but also time to learn from the essay and prepare your work for submission to your university. During 2015 we’ve delivered over 80% of orders before the agreed deadline giving you extra time to work on your assignment.

Here at UK Best Essays, we monitor the progress of our researchers and pro-actively prevent problems that could prevent the delivery of your work on time. We work with the majority of our researchers on a daily basis to ensure that, come delivery day, there are no nasty surprises.

Verified original work

All orders protected by our £5,000 plagiarism bond

We know that if you pay for a custom essay, you expect exactly that! You want work that is unique and personalized to your exact requirements. Here at UK Best Essays, we have developed our own plagiarism prevention software that we use to check the originality of the essays our writers produce. We’re so confident in our ability to deliver original work that should we ever produce plagiarized work you’re entitled to claim a £5,000 plagiarism bond.

Not only do we scan against online sources (in the same way as TurnItIn or WriteCheck), we also check against all of the other work we have produced. This means that if you and a friend are each placing an order, we can guarantee that both pieces will be entirely original when compared to each other, even if you placed your order on the same day.

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