Have you ever noticed that you, your close family members, and friends seem to accomplish certain goals in all of our lives, whether we realize it or not? Have you ever noticed that you, your close family members, and friends seem to accomplish certain goals in all of our lives, whether we realize it or not? For example in grade school, we had a goal to graduate 8th grade in order to get to high school. Or how about getting our driver’s licenses, to getting college degrees, to landing that first job? Maybe it was to achieve a certain level of success in our other activities and hobbies, or buying that first car or house. Whatever the case may be, we’ve always experienced accomplishments in our lives. However it came to my attention that most of us only have short-term goals. That is, a goal that we are working to accomplish within the next 6 months to a few years from now. Yes, that’s exactly what I said! I KNOW what you’re thinking. It’s probably along the lines of: What’s the point of having 10 year goals anyways? That’s a LONG time from now! When we are motivated by goals that have deep meaning, by dreams that need completion, by pure love that needs expressing — then we truly live life.” -Greg Anderson”You control your future, your destiny. What you think about comes about.

I’ll draw a few raffle tickets at a time throughout the day – before recess, before lunch, between activities, etc. My prize box has nothing extravagant – pencils, erasers, and bookmarks, primarily. I’m cheap. Like I said, it works. Business cards. Subbing, like any profession, is really about selling yourself. The thing about subbing, though, is that each day you’ll be at a different place, working for a different teacher. It’s like a new job interview every day, in some ways. Self marketing is so important for success as a sub. Bring those business cards, and share them gratuitously. I always leave a few with my sub notes at the end of the day. Some secretaries hold on to a stack of sub cards just in case also. And make sure to check out the teacher’s lounge – lots of schools have somewhere to write down your sub info/leave a business card. I find that these are the things I can’t leave home without when I go for a subbing job. This list was created through trial and error – I have needed each of these things at one point, and I would regret it if I didn’t have them with me. So what do you think? What do you always make sure to bring on the job? Let me know in the comments!

Still, the quarterback position was a barrier that was considered off limits, but the wall was being brought down. Many teams would not give African-Americans the opportunity to show off their skills at the quarterback position for an extended period of time; but when some individuals were given the chance they proved they could play the game. One individual that proved that he could play with any of the white quarterbacks and put up the same numbers was Marlin Briscoe. His 14 touchdown passes was a team record for a rookie quarterback at that time. As the 70s came about African-American athletes were starting to fight back. They were not going to change their position for the pleasure of “Charlie” (the white man) and they were going to change the perception that had been held by the NFL for so long. In 1969, James Harris was going to change this perception and no one was going to make him change to another position because of the color of his skin, his athletic ability, or his so-called lack of intellect.

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Me: I want to thank you for the research you did while writing Rigid Rules, Inflexible Plans and the Stifling of Language: A Cognitivist Analysis of Writer’s Block. It helped me to understand why writing comes so easily to some people and can be so difficult for others. Although this was a research paper, it didn’t read like one, take for instance The Composing Processes of Unskilled College Writers, by Sondra Perl. Her research read like a repair manual, dry, full of data, robotic and bored me to tears. By using only the first names of your subjects, helped me feel I could relate to them, really learn something new and useful from their experiences you discussed in your paper. It felt personal; I enjoyed that aspect. If my research helps at least one person, it is well worth the time! Which personal experience was closest to your own personal experience of the writing process? Me: Funny, I never really thought about my own process until I read your paper. Most of the time, writing comes pretty naturally, although I found I could relate to Ruth, in that she is very preoccupied with the opening statements of her essays.

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