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Wow. It’s important for a soldier to look beyond the end of his rifle. A lot of Soldiers need to read this. This is great information! I’ve been researching my late husband’s military service, and never realized what each designation meant. Booking marking for future reference. Thanks for stopping by David and for your comments. Thanks for stopping by David and for your comments. This is a great article. Even some of us history buffs can get confused by the terminology, though much of the time we have to remember, as you point out, the actual numbers in a unit can vary significantly. This, combined with different countries’ organizations and time periods can be confusing, but your descriptions are a valuable resource. I don’t know much about these things at all except that my Dad always says he was in the 1st Infantry Division and has one of those patches like the one in the photo. Thanks so much for your comment.

Thanks for the info rfmorn, Good Hub! Thanks n. It was a revelation to me as well. I hear these titles and terms all the time and you have done well here to distinguish their meaning and composition. You have made it very simple for a layman to understand, thank you. Voted up and useful. Thanks Bill. I had fun researching this. All my life I never knew what a brigade was. Great information; I learned this way back in my teaching days when I taught a unit on the Civil War. I wanted the kids to have a reference point during my lectures. To my surprise, they thought this was all quite interesting. They had heard these terms but didn’t know what they really meant regarding numbers. Anyway, great job my friend. My mother-in-law needs to read this, I don’t want to spend the time explaining it to her.

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