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I find it useful to prod students to revisit their goals throughout the semester, reminding them of what they are looking to get out of the class. I look for opportunities to get students to connect what we’re doing in class with their lives outside of class. Looking for inspiration on teaching or some specific strategies? David Gooblar, a lecturer in rhetoric at the University of Iowa and a blogger on teaching, writes about classroom issues in these pages. Here is a sampling of his recent columns. Will Students Actually Believe They Can Do This Assignment? And I have become much more flexible over the years, when it comes to modifying my goals so they’re more meaningful to students, and letting students have more control over their work wherever possible. No matter your subject or your institution, whether your course is introductory or advanced, you won’t be able to achieve your teaching goals if your students aren’t motivated to learn. In future weeks, I’ll return to the subject of motivation, taking up the variables of expectancies and environment. But it’s worth thinking about — as you prepare to meet students for the new semester — whether they will value the goals you set for them. How can you ensure that what you find valuable about your subject will translate to the people you’ll share your classroom with for the next 10 or 15 weeks? As you put the finishing touches on your syllabus, setting out your course goals for the students, don’t forget to leave space for their goals, too. David Gooblar is a lecturer in the rhetoric department at the University of Iowa. He writes a column on teaching for The Chronicle and runs Pedagogy Unbound, a website for college instructors who share teaching strategies. To find more advice on teaching, browse his previous columns here.

Adding agent and character sounds like a good idea to rope in readers, but what if that’s not always possible? And you also said – “Break up the wall of text.” I feel like I don’t exactly understand what you mean by that. Please cite some examples. I think it’s about the smooth flow, but how exactly I can get that? I am going to read and then read your message again. I am a little busy over next couple of days, and free like a hummingbird after that! So, maybe I would ruminate over your suggestions more after 24th. Merry Christmas in advance! I’m glad I could help! All I meant by “break up the wall of text” is don’t write really long paragraphs. Here’s a blurred image of your last PM to me. Reading takes work, and I’m not just talking about the work of understanding the writer’s ideas. You also have to parse text and keep your place in it. When I am stuck in a huge sea of words, I often get confused. My eye skips to the wrong line. This is especially apt to happen if I get interrupted or look away from the text for a moment. It’s hard to find my place when I look back. Knowing that make me want to skip reading long paragraphs in the first place. As for plot and character, when you can’t use them as hooks, you must rely on sensual imagery, but it’s amazing how often you can find a plot even in information that seems really dry. Don’t think of plots as “an exciting stories with a hero.” Think of them as a causal chains in which this leads to that which leads to the next thing, until some climax is reached. Writing that way creates suspense (“How will all this end?”) and forward momentum.

Will someone try to use this data to ban 4th of July parades? Or will Republicans use this information to bash Democrats for being non-patriotic? Can my kid’s school still have a patriotic sing-along? Will we ban “The Star Spangled Banner” at baseball games? I guess I better fly my flag while I still can. Politics and Social Issues“Taking a Knee”-Patriotic Black Eye! United States PoliticsWhat is the annual salary for a Supreme Court Chief Justice? Sign in or sign up and post using a HubPages Network account. 0 of 8192 characters usedPost CommentNo HTML is allowed in comments, but URLs will be hyperlinked. Comments are not for promoting your articles or other sites. I had no idea about this study until just now. The evidence behind the study seems to be legitimate. I met a family from Maryland that came to Texas during Independence Day just to pop off fireworks since they couldn’t buy any in Maryland.

I think that adds a lot to not being able to celebrate Independence Day. Anyone can go watch fireworks being displayed by the city, but getting to light your own fireworks with family and friends makes up a huge part of the way I celebrate. I thought you were going to tell me how to be a Republican. No problem let me help you out. 1. Listen to Fox News and Rush Limbaugh all day. 2. Never follow any facts, just do what they say. 3. Be a pretend Christian and support greed and selfishness the true mark of a false practice of Gods teachings. 4. Never support the things that will actually improve your life. Things like health care, making Corporations pay taxes instead of you paying there debt, support the rich when you still remain poor and stupid. Destroy Unions so you can keep your low wages and work part time if they do not ship your job overseas. 5. Pretend your patriotic because history could never lie. Watch people die during Katrina but send everything to Haiti, its a better tax write off and they do not own insurance.

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