The following is our review of Homework Market. We researched this writing service carefully, placed an order, and paid close attention to Homework Market testimonials and reviews. Keep reading to learn what we think. This is not a typical academic writing website. Instead, it is designed to be a homework based site. Essentially, this means that students submit a work that the need to be done immediately. This often consists of requests for problem-solving and other homework help. However, we did discover that writing services are available. In fact, as writers aggressively contact students, many offer essay writing and other services. We decided to order both an essay, along with a less complex assignment. HomeworkMarket prices vary depending on the job and what the writer demands. However, there is pricing information provided on the website to give customers an idea of what they will pay. The lowest quoted prices are extremely low.

However, it is also possible to pay quite a bit. It all depends on what the writer is willing to work for. Because of the lack of any Homework Market promo codes, it is hard for us to conduct a price comparison with other sites. A HomeworkMarket coupon code would have been nice, but we understand that there can be difficulty in providing discounts using this business model. No HomeworkMarket customer reviews indicated any problem with making payments or website security. We can also affirm that we had no issues with making payment securely. It appears that they use appropriate secured payment methods. We used a company debit card as is our normal method of making payment. They also accept credit cards, PayPal and other typically accepted means of making payment. Every Home Work Market review we read was very consistent. Work is consistently delivered on time. This was also our experience.

We received our work on time. This indicates to us that Homework Market is legit and has some way of ensuring that products are delivered. Unfortunately, writer expertise is really hit or miss. One of our orders, while not perfect, could have been made ready for turn in with a few edits and additions. This isn’t ideal, but it is workable. Unfortunately, the other order was a complete disaster. This one would have required an entire rewrite in order to make it acceptable. In our case, we had a fifty-fifty experience. One was relatively positive. The other was decidedly negative. This gave us a lot to think about. It’s very common for writing services to offer additional benefits and perks. Many offer free summaries and works cited pages, for example. Others have blogs and interesting articles. Unfortunately, because the focus is simply on matching students with writers and other academic professionals there is none of that here. That’s a shame because even with this business model, a lot of value could be added with some helpful content. Many HomeWorkMarket reviews that we read also expressed similar opinions. We had to deliberate on this one for a while. While we are certain that there are very good writers working here, it’s simply not possible to be sure if the writer or academic professional you choose will be up to par. The current system doesn’t seem to differentiate between good writers and those who are hacks. We know that students hiring academic writing services need top quality every time, and must suggest that students use a writing service that is more consistent.

4. Define Interpersonal Communication and how this self assessment will assist you with your personal definition. 1. Submit your completed paper using the Submit tool. 2. Bring a copy of your completed paper to class. • Note that points will be deducted for failing to meet the requirements of error-free mechanics and format criteria. To assess your ability to analyze a new external environment for perceptions and emotions. 1. Attend an event that you would not normally attend where you will be the minority in some way. 2. Document the experience – why you selected the venue, how you would be defined as a minority in that environment, the people that you encountered, and what actually happened during the experience. 3. Determine your perceptions and emotions before, during, and after the event. What type of language did you encounter? Include empathy elements discussed in Interpersonal Communication. 4. Write a three to four page paper reflecting on this experience. 1. Submit your completed assignment using the Submit tool. 2. In addition, bring a copy of your completed assignment to class, and be prepared to share your experience during class.

• Note that up to 20 points will be deducted for failing to meet the requirements of error-free mechanics and format criteria. • Analyze a new external environment for perceptions and emotions. • Analyze a new external environment for language. • Describe the impact of language on gender and cultural issues. Second Life is a 3D virtual world where users can socialize, customize an avatar, and connect with others. Find more Second Life details here! One of the first requirements for entering Second Life (SL) is to select an avatar. This assignment requires that you select how you will digitally represent yourself, what image you choose to project, and how you will identify yourselves with others in SL. Avatars can be altered in every aspect including gender, once acquired. Once you select an avatar shape, gender, and species, the discussion questions may help you reflect on your choices. 1. Begin working on the assignment which is due next week. 2. Create a Second Life account by selecting an avatar, choosing a username, and downloading the 3D software (less than five minutes). Click here for a Second Life Quickstart Guide.

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