Workplace Discourses


Discourses can be defined as the settings in a place that determines the behavior of the individuals present in that particular place. The discourses may include the type of vocabulary used, the dress code, respect and the general behaviors that give a reflection of the values of a setting. For easy navigation in a workplace, there has to be a common practice that is easily understandable by all the people involved. The discourse of a workplace defines the composition of the types of conversation including training, vocabulary, briefing, dress code and even decision making.

In the setting of a bank, the vocabulary used should be common to every person in the organization. This gives room for easy interaction that leads to a productive argument. A common vocabulary facilitates effective decision making since individuals can interact easily. While balancing the financial accounts at the end of the day, accountants in the bank interact and perform a common objective. The objectives are made successful when the individuals can communicate easily through an understandable vocabulary. Behaviors within the workplace are also a key to development. The workers must display the high level of professionalism in every activity they undertake, and they have to respect the decisions and the rights of others. Formal activities are carried out and do not have a conservative environment. The top managers in the bank have the mandate of ensuring that other employees are well equipped with training by making arrangements earlier on the activities to be undertaken.

Code of dressing defines the personality of an individual and should be put into consideration in the workplace. An employee needs to dress in a respectable manner that does not destruct the attention of his or her colleagues. In the setting of a bank, all employees must dress in official attire that is decent and shows the high level of maturity and respect. No casual dressing is allowed, this creates equality, and no one can be laughed at because of the style of dressing.

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