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1. What am I really afraid of? False Evidence Appearing Real. Courage is a wonderful thing. 2. How is money or finances holding me back? This is a fallacy. If financing is really an issue, work gradually. Small Business Development Center. You cant go wrong with those two. Big dreams dont happen in a day, but build daily. 4. But shouldnt I only be in this particular role? You arent tied to one identity. 5. How do I go about pursuing my dream? You can also find it at your local public library. Also, Im an advocate of reading. Analysis paralysis can be so debilitating! I trusted did wonders. 9. How is my belief system getting in the way? ” What starts as an idea can become a conviction. I got called weird a lot in high school. Be kind to—no, SPOIL yourself. I say go for it, but choose whom you vent to carefully. Not everyone appreciates a good rant.

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To create the knowledge base for elements included in historical laboratory results and relevant medications, we used two medical domain experts who were both board-certified Internal Medicine physicians. We started with a list of 10 laboratory tests to enhance: Creatinine, Hematocrit, International Normalized Ratio (INR), Phenytoin level, Phosphorous, Potassium, Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (TSH), Valproate level, Vitamin B12 level, and White Blood Count (WBC). These tests were chosen by several criteria, namely: they were commonly ordered in ambulatory care practices; typically required historical data for medical decision-making; and involved varying degrees of complexity for interpretation. For each test selected for enhancement, we created relevant lab and medication associations which we called the “ELR Test Sets” and the “ELR Drug Sets,” respectively. The “ELR Test Sets” represented other tests identified by the domain experts as relevant to interpreting the laboratory test being enhanced, while the “ELR Drug Sets” represented relevant medications of consequence. Table 1 represents an example of an ELR Test Set (TS) and Drug Set (DS) created for TSH.

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