A Primary Post might be thought of as a mini-essay. It may be written in a conversational style, but should be well-written and be supported by specific references to the texts, lectures, other readings, or your own research. It should explore the topic and respond to the prompt in some way. It does not have to be a complete essay with a thesis statement and it doesn’t have to reach definitive conclusions, but it should have some point. Primary posts should be approximately 300-500 words long.

A Secondary Post can be shorter, approximately 250 words. Instead of thinking of it as a mini-essay, perhaps think of it as the opening statement in a conversation.


Write a primary post about any aspect of Batman: The Dark Knight Returns. Rather than a sweeping review, try to focus on something specific, an angle that interests you. You may focus on a character or characters, plot, art, sub-plot, theme, or any other aspect of the book.


Write a secondary post about any topic mentioned in the Batman presentation or any of the other readings this week. You may also write about the vigilante or about revenge. What do you think about people taking the law into their own hands? What do you think about how superhero stories handle this? What do you think about vengeance as a motivation for human action? What do you think about any research you did about this topic?


Read Batman comic book –pdf

Read entire book Batman: The Dark Knight Returns

• Read “Batman: Psychic Trauma and its Solution” – pdf