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The authors note that many misconceptions are shared by student and teacher alike, yet write as if these same weak teachers will be able to follow the many oblique references to specific math concepts. In “Grades 3-4: Adding Numbers in the Thousands,” the authors allude to the main problem with the spiral curriculum, but do nothing to challenge it. Sadly, the spiral curriculum is a major factor in students moving from grade to grade without learning the subject matter. ” Perhaps the authors are being practical. A reliable procedure is better than nothing, I guess. The authors seem more at home with upper elementary math topics and a bit at sea with primary math topics and middle school topics. Since misconceptions, once acquired are difficult to unlearn, I would have preferred the strongest treatment of primary math, where foundations are laid, for better or for worse. The authors overlooked some important researchers.
Jean Piaget and Constance Kamii come immediately to mind. On the other hand, there seems to be an implied rule: avoid references from pre-turn of the century, as if all important work is relatively recent. In-text citations are often missing. Although the teaching ideas are billed as being research-based, most of them look to be anecdotal accounts of one or another teacher’s favorite lesson. Researchers are fond of denigrating “unscientific” research teachers do every day, forgetting that teachers do not have time to wait for the verdicts from “the ivory tower.” Lessons need to work immediately. Good teachers are constantly customizing, adjusting and refining. I would like the appealing color scheme and the flip chart design of the books more if all the pages were the same length. Each page is about a quarter longer than the one before with the page topic as the footer on each page. The design is attractive and convenient because all the topics have the appearance of being tabbed on the first page. However, the design also guarantees some topics get short shrift simply because the page is half as long as other pages. I do wish the content pages were numbered. The many obligatory nods to what may turn out to be educational fads annoy me. Furthermore, it should not be necessary to explicitly market to RTI or promise standards alignment. The suggestions for calculator use add nothing. In fact, there is no evidence that calculators enhance number reasoning skills in the early grades, NCTM claims to the contrary notwithstanding. To their credit, the authors acknowledge the value of Montessori materials. To summarize, the books could be useful resources for the novice teacher, but they are too expensive, and the novice teacher will likely not have enough experience to recognize the flaws. Even so, I might be willing to recommend the books if they were four or five dollars each instead of fifteen dollars. I had such high hopes for this material, and I regret I cannot give it a stellar recommendation.
Regular appearances in an important publication build your credibility as a writer. You can often parlay those writing credits into more lucrative (but less visible) writing jobs in similar industries. Newspapers help fill out your clip files, and sometimes you can re-sell articles or use a body of research to generate similar stories for better-paying magazines or websites. Writing is a great life, but a lot of it is work, and work is work. Getting clients is not easy for any professional and writers have to do the same amount of chattering, networking, direct mailing, and scouting out opportunities that other people do. What’s amazing to me is that some of these things work really well. Very often, when you do connect with a great long-term client, you’ll hear another side to the story. Many businesses dream of finding a reliable, high-quality writer. Right now there are companies and clients wondering how on earth they are ever going to get their brochures and articles and press releases and websites written. Your job is not “selling” them your services. Your job is really just making sure they know that you’re there and ready for assignment.


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