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A reverse outline means you make an outline of what you’ve already written. Reverse outlining helps you to see the arguments in your paper more clearly and to decide whether you’ve actually written things in the right order. To make a reverse outline, take your paper and underline the topic sentences in each paragraph. Then write those sentences in an outline form (or cut and paste those sentences on another document. Do they make logical sense? Are they strong sentences? Do the arguments follow logically? Have you really responded to the question of your essay assignment? Have you given clear reasons for your thesis? Next, look through your paper and underline (or pull out) the reasons and examples you use to support each topic sentence. Does each piece of evidence really back up that assertion? Is the evidence clear, concise, vivid and interesting? Does something seem missing? Finally, if you have used sources, look at each of those and make sure that they are cited correctly. Have you used all of your sources in just one or two paragraphs?

Your paper will be stronger if you use your evidence throughout the paper. Some students have been taught to back up their assertions with quotes. However, this creates a bad habit of using a quote from someone else to make your point, rather than stating that point yourself. Often I find that students don’t understand what they are quoting and would do better to use a paraphrase. My rules for quotations are that you need to both explain the quote in your own words and then tell how that quote backs up your argument. Frequently, it is easier just to paraphrase the author in your own words and then say how that backs up your ideas. 1. Do you keep the quote inside your sentence? Correct: Reading is vital to becoming a good writer. Incorrect: “We are all readers before we are writers.” Sarah McKean’s quote tells us reading is important to becoming a writer. 2. Do you make sure that you explain how that quote backs up your argument?

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