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I too prefer to write poetry than anything else..check out some of my poetry hubs..but please don’t be discouraged. Well, this was really interesting, seeing as I am having a difficult time getting readers to my page. I actually write poetry the most right now, and I write it because I enjoy doing so. I want others to enjoy reading it and maybe relating to it. This was funny and informative. However, I think I’m walking away feeling a little doubtful of my ability to make it here now. Thanks for including this hub in your catch up reading Mike. I tend to do the same, but still fall behind. I agree with you about most of the audience you write for. I write for my followers here at HP and my own improvement. I have to try to keep HP happy to some extent. Hi Jodah. Just catching up with my reading – as an excuse to not write.

Who do I write for? I can name the dozen or less and they are all right here on Hubpages. Now, back to work with me. No, I think I will walk the dogs. Hi Peg, yes I read this week’s bog post as well. It is somewhat disturbing, between the HubPro controversy and now the new way of determining hubber score (mine has dropped from 96 to 89 last time I looked). I may have to update this hub soon to include changes. Despite it all it’s probably best just to concentrate on writing and let everything else take care of itself. Thanks for reading and comment. This is refreshing and an encouragement to write despite the recent trends with scores, ad revenues (as if) and hubs that become unfeatured (which isn’t even a proper word). You’ve put a humorous spin on the tics that we must meet to maintain a certain level of whatever here.

After reading this week’s blog there might be other things needed as well. Thank you Mary, I am glad you found this hub met all the evergreen criteria. Now I am just waiting for the Editor’s Choice accolade..and then HOTD..yeah sure. I meant it to be helpful, amusing and a little sarcastic. I found your hub helpful, funny and weirdly amusing. Just think, this hub meets all criteria including evergreen! Your sense of humor is nicely meshed with good advice. Voted up, useful, awesome, and interesting. Thanks for such a kind comment Audrey. I am glad that even a veteran Hubber like you found this information helpful. Thank you for the vote up and share too. Hi Mary, yes you are right about the quotes. You need to source the from differently places and not have too many or they can be classed as duplicate content. As for placing the poll at the end. I used to always do that but HP themselves in the learning centre recommends placing it early in the hub.

There reasoning is it helps to engage the reader and that if it is at the end most people don’t even bother to do it. I do understand that if it pertains to what you have written in the hub that they won’t be able to answer it until they have read the rest of the hub’s content. Thanks for the vote up and share. This is one of your best! So much helpful information even for us vets. Keep inspiring us John. We all need it, that’s for sure. Up, UABI and sharing. You’ve given some good advice here, but I would warn about using quotes. I put the poll at the very end. My rationale is: how could a read vote on your article until they have read the entire article? I’ve decided to leave poems to the pros like you! Voted UP, and shared. This was an interesting hub to write Joy, I really never knew where it was going but was pleased with the outcome.

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