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As a young man, he was given only two years to live; he is now in his 70’s. Eddie Redmayne, who portrayed Hawking in the movie, won a Golden Globe for best actor in a movie. 12. My Idea: Six People Who Beat the Odds. Stephen Hawking would be one. 13. Stephan Hawking’s wife was his caregiver. So many people these days are caregivers, often for their elderly parents. My Idea: How to Survive Caregiver Burnout. The Writer’s Idea Book 10th Anniversary Edition: How to Develop Great Ideas for Fiction, Nonfiction, Poetry, and ScreenplaysA professional editor explains how to get ideas and what to do with them once you get them. Buy Now Get ideas from your life. 14. I belong to a discussion group. A few weeks ago, we had a discussion about longevity. The leader talked about how laugher is associated with long life. I wrote a hub: How to Live Longer by Acting Like a Kid.

15: I subscribe to a free newsletter written by an editor for writers. The editor mentioned lipograms, a form of word-play where a text is written without the use of a certain letter. I wrote a hub, Word Play: What is a Lipogram? 16. I attended a lecture about what famous authors over the centuries wrote about happiness in their novels. That led to my hub How to Be Happy: Quotes from Famous People on Happiness. 17. My friends are beekeepers. I learned a lot about bees from them-enough for several articles. Get ideas from what others have written. 18. Recently someone complained in the HubPages forum that he didn’t have any ideas for things to write about. This article is my response to his complaint. 19. Someone mentioned in a hub about holidays that everyone hates fruitcake. I have a great recipe that I have developed for a fruitcake that people who hate fruitcake love. My idea: The Fruitcake Recipe that Everyone Loves.

20. Someone mentioned that it is hard in today’s world to be ethical and still earn a living. Her observation led me to write a hub on the topic; Right Livelihood: The Quest or Ethical Work. I discovered that right-livelihood is part of the eight-fold path of the Buddha. I had heard the term “right-livelihood” before, but I didn’t know where it came from. Ideas are all around you. You just have to stay alert to them. There are lots of topics there. Have you been snowed in recently? 28. A Blizzard is Coming: Are You Ready? 29. Fun Things to Do When You Are Snowed In. 30: How I Survived the Great Blizzard of (fill in the year). Substitute hurricanes for blizzards. Substitute earthquakes or forest fires. You get the idea. I haven’t even touched on your hobbies and interests. Do you collect something? Tell us about your collection and how we can collect that thing also. Do you make something (jewelry, needlework, wood carvings)?

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