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Then it’s probably time for a tutor. Ask your teacher how to getextra help for that class so you won’t get bad grades and befrustrated! Share to: Answered In Learning Tips and Study Habits Why does homework not help? If it doesn’t, you’re doing it wrong – see the Related Questions tolearn how to do your homework the right way and make better grades Share to: Answered In Literacy Is homework kids responsibility? Yes Share to: Answered In Learning Tips and Study Habits Does homework make you responsible? It can make you responsible or it can lead to you beingirresponsible. The key is accepting that as a student, part of yourresponsibiliy is to complete homework assignments on …time. Thosewho do that become responsible and those who don’t becomeirresponsible. The habits, whether good or bad, can and do followpeople throughout their lives. Answered In Education Can you help me do homework? If you want help, you have to ask a specific question about whatyou want to know. You can ask things like how to figure out thearea of a circle, or what the definition of hist…rionic is. If youask, we’ll try to help.

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