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Fair wage payment acts as a motivating factor. Along with compensation payment, HRM also deals with reward system. It is a type of appreciation of exceptional good work and offer some monetary or non-monetary incentive to suitable employees. 4. Integration of interests of manpower and the Organisation : Manpower is interested in wage payment while Organisation is interested in higher profits, consumer loyalty market reputation and so on. Personnel management has to reconcile the interests of the individual members of the Organisation with those of the Organisation. This will ensure cordial industrial relations. Reconciliation of individual, social and organizational goals and interest is one challenge before HRM. 5. Maintenance of manpower : This HRM function relating to maintaining of satisfied manpower in the Organisation through the provision of welfare facilities. 6. Provision of welfare facilities : Employees are offered various welfare facilities. They include medical, educational, recreation, housing, transport and so on.

These facilities are given for raising their efficiency and also for making their life happy. Welfare facilities create efficient and satisfied Labour force. To introduce new labour welfare facilities and to maintain the existing facilities is one of the functions of HRM. 7. Miscellaneous functions : Misc. These HRM functions need to be performed regularly for the benefit of employees and also for continuity in the production activities of the Organisation. 2. Promotion, Transfer and Termination. 4. Wages and other incentives. 5. Service activities (welfare activities). 6. Collective bargaining and workers’ participation. 6. Advising the management on the training and future education of employees. In the HRM department, various sections are created in order to give attention to various functions which are basically HRM functions. The functions (as noted above) are varied in character. These are functions of HRM and also the functions of personnel management. They are important and needs constant attention. Efficient, satisfied and co-operative labour force can be created by giving proper attention to various personnel functions.

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