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However, these are not “the same as” being an HSP. All of the above can affect HSPs. However, being an HSP doesn’t mean you are necessarily afflicted with any of these. Nor are you necessarily “highly sensitive” because you are suffering from one of these conditions. I am often asked if HSPs are more likely to have physical ailments or mental/emotional issues than the general population. It’s a difficult question, as well as one that doesn’t have a straight answer. In her recent book “Psychotherapy and the Highly Sensitive Person,” Dr. Elaine Aron characterizes HSPs as “the minority of people who are the majority of clients.” In this case, Dr. Aron draws on her personal experience as a clinical psychotherapist. Similarly, when you consider people seeking medical help for an assortment of pervasive issues– from Fibromyalgia to food allergies– a significantly large number are HSPs. However, we should be cautious about taking such information at face value. Consider that it is central to the HSP personality to be “highly aware” and “tuned in” to both one’s own– as well as someone else’s– body and psyche.

As a result, it’s also safe to assume that many more HSPs notice when something is “a little off” than the rest of the population. On the mental health front, we must consider that HSPs experience events “more deeply” than their non-HSP peers and spend more time “processing” them. Thus, we can also assume that an HSP is less likely to simply ignore feelings such as anxiety or severe stress than their non-HSP counterpart. If you are an HSP and seeking help, it’s important to take care in choosing a provider. In the case of psychotherapists, it’s important to choose someone you have a good rapport with. Some will insist that you don’t “need to” like your therapist, but that’s not really good advice for HSPs. In the case of medical doctors, it’s important to find someone who’s not only open to high sensitivity, but who’s open to pursuing “alternative” or holistic courses of treatment.

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