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The loose outline will also help the student to determine his/her conclusion . The conclusion is going to be a one- or two-paragraph statement about the student’s findings. However, the thesis statement is a miniature, one-sentence conclusions will provides the purpose. Students should write thesis statements before they write the conclusion or the body. Yet, if the student already knows what the conclusion will be, he/she will have an easier time writing the thesis statement. When learners write theses statements, they usually follow a format. First, the thesis statement should appear as the first or last sentence of the introduction. Next, the thesis statement should follow an “if, then” format, which means that the student should state that if something happens in one way, then a result will occur in another way. When learners write thesis statements, they need to be aware that they aren’t the same as introductions, even though the thesis statement is included in the introduction. Many times, students think that an entire introduction can replace a thesis statement.

However, an introduction should provide background information and basic information about key themes. A thesis statement needs to clarify the author’s purpose and should only be one sentence long. A thesis is the main point of an academic document. It can often be found in a statement or group of statements asserting an argument, claim, or idea that’s the essential premise of the entire text. A thesis isn’t the same as a topic, which is the general subject. For instance, there are reports written about marine biology, reports written about musicology, and papers completed about George Washington. All of these are topics. A hypothesis presents a point about that topic, typically incorporating a WHAT and a HOW. The WHAT is the paper’s point or argument and the HOW is the way that point or argument is going to be explained and developed. Theses must be very specific. A hypothesis shouldn’t state, for instance, that “George Washington was a good president.” First, the word “good” is very vagueit could mean many different things. Second, this thesis doesn’t give reasons explaining how Washington was a good president.

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