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Faulty forensic science is the second greatest source of error, present in 50% of the Innocence Project exonerations. Innocent people get convicted because of the “jailhouse snitch. It strains credulity that this evidence is even allowed into a court room. Promise a convict a reduced sentence or promise someone accused of another crime reduced charges, or get an accomplice to give “state’s evidence” and what do you think you are going to hear? Exactly what you want to hear. It is amazing how many people want to confess to these “snitches,” but only after the “snitch” makes his deal with the authorities. The Innocence Project found false testimony by informants in 16% of the cases of wrongful convictions. There is often prosecutorial misconduct. Sometimes the prosecutor wants a conviction so bad–or maybe, to give him the benefit of the doubt–he really believes the defendant is guilty. So he will browbeat witnesses, produce evidence he knows to be unreliable, and withhold and/or destroy exculpatory evidence.

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