Your title should consist of four lines in the center of the page. The first line should be the title of your lab report. Titles should be simple and informative. You can use the template “The Effect of the IV (independent variable) on the DV (dependent variable).” Your title, however, should not be in quotation marks. The second line should be your University ID number. The third line should state your institution – the University of Richmond. Finally, the fourth line should state the week day and time of your lab. Your name should not appear on the title page or anywhere in your lab report. Following the hourglass shape, your first section should begin very broadly by introducing basic concepts and previous research that relate to your study. You should also introduce and define any theories or terms that an intelligent layperson (someone not familiar with the field of psychology) would not automatically know. These terms include the ones in your textbook, as well as the theories/terms discussed in class. Because your study is providing either support for or opposition to a theory in psychology, you must inform the reader of that particular theory. Refer to your textbook for definitions of specific terms, but always remember to cite! The introduction in your lab report should end with your hypothesis, which acts as your thesis statement for the paper. The purpose of the introduction is to “introduce” your hypothesis gradually, going from general psychological processes or theories to the specific assumption you are trying to put forth (this creates the top of the “hourglass”). I saying something important in this sentence?

I am an international Student..I am in trouble right now to pay my tuition and the worst thing She (my advisor)did not regret about it. She is just talking to me like it was normal not saying this! Thank you so much for your answer. I don’t think my advisor didn’t know that she was going on Sabbatical because when one of the students who work with me also ask her if she will be next year,etc. She did tell this student and she also helped her to find another job with other professor in the department. This is very weird. It is sand that I don’t feel the same confidence with my advisor anymore. I hope I can take a decision, maybe switching to another career can be a solution but the bad is that I spent one academic year in this career. I forgot to say, I already talked with her twice about my tuition situation and she told me she just could give me a job if she gets grants each year.

Maybe that is the reason why she didn’t bother to tell me. So I feel I am not too important for her as the other student who is from her country (she is not American). Maybe I should find a better program where I can find more support, it is kind of frustrating for me. I am in a 2 year masters program, third semester. The program is new, and my advisor is on sabbatical this semester. I believe this is detrimental for a few reasons. 1. He is not very organized as is, and really the only option I have for my research. During the past year, a lot of opportunities were mentioned, but none of them have had any follow through. 2. He accepted new students who I do not feel are up to par for a graduate level education, and really need to have some guidance. Who’s to say I wouldnt have acted like I was still an undergrad if no one was around to teach me otherwise?

3. He claimed several times that he would be on campus more often during the sabbatical than during a teaching semester, but often he does not show up, even on days one of us has a meeting scheduled. In addition, he does not email us to let us know the meetings have been cancelled. 4. Since he is not around to see the work we are doing, it is difficult for him to understand why our progress isnt as fast as he believes it should be. The hang ups we are experiencing sound like excuses to him, when we really just need help working through them. 5. With the program being so new, there is not an established system – none of us have anyone else to perceive as a mentor, and the other faculty do not have the same type of research. It is pretty unanimous that we all feel lost, and we graduate next semester. Overall, my situation is frustrating because it is a new system that is not yet established, and his lack of attention provides us with zero guidance. The newbs are infuriating because they do not have the behavior necessary for grad school, and we are basically asked to babysit them while he is away. I believe it is a major mistake to leave on sabbatical during this crucial time in the program. It has caused our cohort undue stress and tension is building. We are wondering now if the program will even succeed, and what kind of image its lost students will give it. And if the advisor even cares about either of those two issues.

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