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June is the Shortest Month of the Year in the World of Men’s Fashion

Every June, shorter men across the U.S. celebrate National Short Men of Style Month. According to U.S. Census Bureau Statistics, it is estimated that there are at least 30 million, professional, American men in the U.S. under 5’9″ in height. These men are under-served by the existing retail menswear market, which tends to build their […]

How to Write a Paper

Most teachers and professors want their students to use either the Arial or Times New Roman 12 point font. Set the line spacing at two, so they have space to  write  comments between the lines. Use the Tab key to indent the beginning of a paragraph.  Writing  a  paper  is really quite simple if you […]

College Lab Report

Lab reports play a huge role in lab classes and scientific research endeavors. As you embark on a new experiment, there has to be a clear hypothesis and rationale behind why you are conducting the experiment. The process also requires great attention to detail, as every step must be documented in order for other scientists […]

Custom Thesis Papers For College

Professors often push their students to perfect the art of argumentation. The practice pulls from so many different skill sets – the ability to agree or disagree with the belief of someone else and provide sound reasoning for doing so. Professors likely ask students to do this in the form of a thesis, which can […]

Coursework Writing Assistance

Every student at school, college, or university is given course work to write. This usually causes most students to feel overwhelmed, as every professor gives coursework and soon it builds up. Students face a mountain of work and very little time to get it done. The solution is to get good professional help from a […]