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Plato’s View on Knowledge and True Opinion

Drawing the line between knowledge and true opinion has been a point of discussion by philosophers for a long time now. Beginning from ancient times (around 400B.C.) Plato embraced this question. According to Plato, for one to attain knowledge, they have to have justified true opinion about the point in question. Plato has presented knowledge […]

Advert Analysis

Advertisement is necessary to promote any product in the market. Advertisement is a psychological thing in which the advertiser plays with the mind of customers in order to get positive results. This gets achieved by placing the product in the mind of the customers. One such effective method to do so is by differentiating the […]

International Studies

Introduction International Studies refers to courses and degree programs offered in universities that revolve around the study of the key issues dominating internationally. These issues are social, cultural, political or commercial in nature. It is the study of factors that influence the world as a whole. Presently, one the serious issue affecting the whole world […]

Persuasive and Scientific Thinking

Introduction Through persuasive thinking, the benefits get weighed against the shortcomings of an undertaking, and the most apt direction assumed. It becomes simpler, as such, to persuade people to take a certain direction. Scientific thinking, on the other hand, involves experiments that verify facts. It, also, includes observation about the effect of an undertaking on […]

The Bio Ecological Model of Human Development

Introduction The bio ecological human development model lays the most emphasis on the notion that the biology of a child fuels its development as a primary environment. His development gets steered by the societal landscape, immediate family environment, and the relationship between factors in his maturing biology. Conflict and alterations in one layer affect all […]