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This Land is My Land

Teaching Social Studies Reaction # 3 This Land is My Land, a children’s book written by George Littlechild. It is a vivid textual and visual illustration of the suffering endured by the Native Americans in their struggle to survive in a post-Columbus society and culture. I would recommend using this book in social studies lessons. […]

Train to Somewhere

Teaching Social Studies Reaction #2 Train to Somewhere, by Eve Bunting offers the travel of fourteen orphans to the New West in order to place them with caring families. It depicts the journey in a coherent manner that brings out the clarity of the problems the children faced. Most importantly, it gives voice to children’s […]


Teaching Social Studies Reaction #1 I would use Encounter in a classroom social studies lesson to teach about culture. This book includes a number of lessons. It covers the history, culture, and appreciating diversity. It explains how people moved from one land to another, and how the people of the other land appreciated their presence. […]

The Wednesday Surprise

Teaching Children’s Literature Reaction #4 This essay explains how I would use The Wednesday Surprise by Eve Bunting in a classroom social studies lesson. I would use it by explaining the family values portrayed herein. The reading culture also is helpful. The background presents a comprehensive beautiful family, and this may work effectively in a […]

Cinder Edna

Teaching Children’s Literature Reaction # 3 The book Cinder Edna is the work of Ellen Jackson, a famous author with a creative talent on writing the children’s books. It is easy to read, understand, and enjoy the moments as they last. This tale can be used in a social studies lesson for children because it […]