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Children’s Literature Teaching Reaction

Children’s Literature Teaching Reaction In social studies, the elements of history, culture, science and economics are easily derived from story books. In the book “Crow Boy” by Taro Yashima, the culture and history elements for Texas Essential of Knowledge and Skills are well represented and can be easily taught to children. In a classroom of […]

Community Clinical

Community Clinical Introduction Late last year I had the honor of teaching about lowering blood pressure in the community. The activity was occurring in a church where I was doing community service. I explained to the community members about the dangers of high blood pressure and the measures that can be undertaken to lower it. […]

Apes Mental Capacity

Apes Mental Capacity Apes and humans are quite similar to each other. Scientists do not believe that there is any psychological similarity between apes and humans. The scientists also oppose the idea that apes have a complex mental capacity. A study done to examine the bonobos suggests their mental capacity is almost similar to that […]