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The Legal Perspective

Abstract This paper explores the numerous examples of potentially illegal practices featured in the film ‘The Inside Job’. The film generally depicts the financial meltdown particularly in the USA. It features many potentially illegal practices such as actions, affirmative statements, fraud, omissions and schemes which in themselves have long run implications. Some of the practices […]

How the Price System Works

How the Price System Works This chapter focuses on the price system of various economic systems. The author believed that to study the effects of a given economic proposal effectively the immediate and long run results are necessary. This provides a clear picture of the economic system. This applies to the consequences where both the […]


Apple incorporation is one the earliest and greatest computer appliances company in the world. It is prided as having the latest and most versatile appliances used in the computer industry. The company is known for its unique designs and their customers are the greatest advertisers for their commodities. This is because; their products are high […]

Mechanism of the Marketplace

Mechanism of the Marketplace There are different sources of pollution. Biosphere is polluted by solid waste, gas emissions, and by discharges of steel, metal and engineering plants. The great damage to the water resources is made by the effluent pulp and paper, food, timber and petrochemical industries. The development of road transport has led to […]


Abstract Being a youngster, more so a student, community service, academic integrity, and responsibility are paramount, if they are to excel. These are engraved into a student’s everyday normal life through participation in various recreational as well as educational activities. Personally, I took leadership in a rather serious manner both in primary and high school. […]