College Term Paper Writing

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College term papers writing are an essential part of the total course. Depending on the subject the style and content of writing term paper will vary.

In every research paper the main steps are to make a proper research problem statement, understand the problem by doing the necessary background study, arriving at the conclusion by following the proper research methodology.

At the beginning of the study it is very important to do literature survey and background survey to understand the subject well. It will help you in making a proper hypothesis upon which your paper will base.

Then you need to do the sampling study as in general it is not possible for us to do the census investigation and we have to go for different sampling technique to save our precious time and money. There are different sampling methods available; one of them is the stratified sampling.

Stratified Sampling-This method of selecting samples is a mixture of the Deliberate and

Random sampling techniques. In this, first of all the data in domain is split into various

Classes on the basis of there characteristics and immediately thereafter certain items are

selected from these classes by the random sampling technique. That is why this is known

as mixed technique of sampling. This technique is suitable in those cases in which the data has sub data having special characteristics. The stratification is made on the basis of the special attributes and from these strata items are selected at random .For example, if we wish to collect information regarding income-expenditure of the population of a

town, firstly we shall split the whole population in various strata on the basis of special

professions persuaded. We shall get the classes of service people, businessmen, shopkeepers, workers etc. From these we shall select random some units for study of income-expenditure statistics.

After doing the sampling the next step is to collect data from the sample sources. There are different methods for collecting primary and secondary data. One of the very popular methods for collecting data is the questionnaire method.

Questionnaire method- This method include questions concerning different aspects of the subject of study. It is used in such cases where the subject of study is very wide and direct observation is not possible. It is also used about such things which can not be known through direct observation such as the ideas, intentions and motives of the persons concerned. Sometimes the questionnaires are delivered by hand and at other times they are delivered through posts. Questionnaires may be sources of information only when the informers are well educated and prepared to cooperate with the research worker. The questionnaires in the questions should be easy to understand and it should be a well mixture of open ended and close ended questions.

After collection of data you need to do different analyses like statistical and non statistical analyses to arrive at a meaningful solution. The analysis section is the most important and critical section of the total paper and you may need help from your professors or experts.