What’s In Your Drinking Water In Japan?
May 27, 2019
The purpose of this assignment is to allow yo to actively engage in an area of clinical practice relevant to your branch which is Psychiatry Nursing, through engaging with research by conducting a literature review. Specifically you are required to:
May 27, 2019
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Delivering Happiness Reflective Writing Assignment

Delivering Happiness Reflective Writing Assignment

It will be approximately 2 pages in length (1.5 or double spacing) and does not need works cited.

Choose ONE of the 4 topics below and write a 2 page analysis.

Make sure you are truly answering the question.

Do not retell the story
. Your professor as read the book multiple times. We want to see critical thinking and thoughtful analysis.

Support your answer with events in the book and concepts you have learned in Gateway to Business. 

You will be graded on the organization, clarity and strength of your analysis.

The earliest this assignment can be turned in is April 29th, 2019 after you have completed Porter’s 5 Forces.

Topic 1

Use Porter’s 5 Forces to analyze Tony’s decision to invest and run Zappos. Based on your Porter’s analysis, was Tony’s investment of time and money a good decision?

Topic 2

Was Zappos goal of providing great customer service a smart marketing strategy? Please explain why it was or why it was not a smart marketing strategy.

Topic 3

Thomas Edison stated “I failed my way to success”. Did Tony fail his way to success?

Topic 4

“People say you should never do business with friends and family. What is/was Tony’s position on such a statement.”

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