Dissertation Abstract Writing and Points to Remember!

00:00 Jan 01

The dissertation itself comes out of a long and complex process. While writing every single chapter, every separate part of your project has to be thoroughly sketched, outlined and constructed. Even the smallest parts, such as a dissertation abstract, require attention. The dissertation abstract or executive summary, how it is also called, is a brief summary of the entire dissertation. It goes right after all introductory pages – Table of Contents, Copyright Page and Acknowledgments page. It is usually up to 300 words long, so you can figure out how hard it can be to squish a huge dissertation into a small dissertation abstract. When you abstract your dissertation, keep in mind that pretty much it is the first part your readers will turn to. Therefore, when writing a dissertation abstract, make sure it meets all of the essential requirements. You can also buy dissertation but its better to give it a try if you have enough time left. When you abstract your dissertation, remember that pretty much you sum up the entire writing in a small part of it. Why small? Because writing a dissertation abstract means coming up with a piece of text approximately 250-300 words in length. Certainly, the amount of words may vary, but not critically. Such type of writing may not be possible by you so you can alternately purchase dissertations. Moreover writing a dissertation abstract should be one of the last steps in the dissertation process. The reasons for this is that by the time you are done with the main body of your writing and give out all the dissertation ideas, you are ready to draw some conclusions on the topic, briefly retell the essence. It's better to finish a dissertation abstract with a symbolic conclusion. Here are some points to consider while writing your dissertation abstract. 1. Is the purpose of the study referred to or at least clearly implied? 2. Does the abstract highlight the research methodology? 3. Has the researcher included the titles of main measures 4. Are the highlights of the research described? 5. If the study is strongly tied to a theory, is the theory mentioned in the abstract? 7. Does the methodology indicate if the research is qualitative or quantitative? 9. Overall is the abstract effective and appropriate? The APA manual calls for abstracts to be: 1. Accurate 2. Self-contained 3. Concise and specific 120 words maximum, however you may use up to 350 words for your dissertation.