Dissertation Topic Guide

00:00 Jan 01


Choosing the dissertation topic is critical. Though one can take it casually, but giving due importance to the dissertation topic will help the student provide quality work along with the advancement in the field of study.

The dissertation topic is as important as the dissertation itself. After completing the curriculum the doctoral student must select his own topic, not necessarily the professor's pet topic. The dissertation topic should be both interesting and engrossing. Also, due to ongoing research, the topic of your choice maybe already published or unpublished. One must remain updated on the new research topics, before choosing the one that suits the requirement.

While choosing a dissertation topic one must also keep in mind if the same can be published. The thesis can only be published, if it is credible and does not downgrade the integrity of the journal where it will be published. Another aspect to be kept in mind is that the dissertation topic should not only be important to you but also add value to the field of your study. It should reflect the student's expertise and quality. Also, one needs to maintain good relationship with the dissertation committee. If a few committee members have substantial interest in the topic of your choice, it becomes all the more simple to get it published. They will support you and give you proper guidance to complete the thesis.

The time factor is also important in a dissertation topic. Some of them can be done in a year, while some can take about more than two years. It is advisable to select a topic which will be manageable within the time frame of your comfort level. To complete a dissertation topic needs careful planning and in-depth knowledge on the subject. But dissertation is a time consuming affair and needs lot of individual time for the best execution. At times it may feel that it is an insurmountable task which will never be completed. But keep the cool and complete it systematically.

The best to way to complete the dissertation is to break it into small parts, which can easily be achieved with total control and time management. The planning of the dissertation topic can start from as early as graduate classes. Chalk out the ideas and discuss it with your peers and professors to have more insights and ideas. Search and eliminate the common topics and work on the ones which grasp your attention. The dissertation topic in this stage is a ongoing task, hence one needs to be flexible while working on it.

Another key idea for choosing the dissertation topic is to keep it focused and specific. There is no point in choosing a broad topic as it will make you out of focus and disinterest you. Also, be sure that the research is done thoroughly so as to avoid duplication of work.

I hope this article with its key ideas will be helpful in your research work, choosing dissertation topic and getting a good result.