Diversity in the Classroom Presentation

00:00 Jan 01

Diversity in the Classroom Presentation Create a 10 slide digital presentation that demonstrates how diversity affects the lesson planning process. Include the following:
  1. Identify remediation and enrichment diversity considerations.
  2. Identify activities that complement the remediation and enrichment considerations.
  3. Include descriptions of specific activities the students might complete based on their learning needs. For example, if Johnny has an IEP for ADD, how would you modify the lesson? Or if Susie has mastery of the content based on the pre-learning assessment, what types of enrichment activities would you provide for her? Consider a range of developmentally, culturally, and linguistically appropriate strategies.
  4. How you would modify the assessment tool at the end of the lesson in order to evaluate each student’s mastery of the content?
Cite and reference 3-5 scholarly articles. Add to your notebook as necessary. Include presenter’s notes and a title slide. Part 2 Due Wed March 7, 2018 Field Experience D: Delivery of Lesson The instructions below will be from the Alternative Lesson plan you done for me the other week incorporated with the higher-order thinking skills that you used as my lesson plan feedback paper last week Teach the modified lesson plan from Topic 3. Discuss the success and challenges with the lesson with your mentor teacher. Once you’ve completed your field experience summarize and reflect upon the lesson in 250 words. Identify the areas that went well as well as areas to improve upon. In addition, reflect on how this experience will affect your future professional practice. Add to your notebook as necessary.