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[ad_1] It is a warm, warm world out there, and dating seems to be like an every-day task for all you college goers and adolescents. I have been through that stage when I used to have my eyes pop out on the sight of every beautiful looking girl and my hair used to stand up when I saw THAT SOMEONE SPECIAL!! But if somewhere it is written, "MEN ARE DOGS", this piece of relationship advice could actually hold good. I used to date, flirt, and probably even wanted to have secret sex affairs with girls for 4 years before my marriage. In these four years, I learnt a lot on how singles react, how to find love and how to find your soul mate. But importantly, I also realized the things guys normally do when they wish to strike a long run deal with you. With all the girls I have met, 90% of them were strong enough to tell me in no uncertain words to Back off. The remaining 10% of them allowed me to spend some time with them, only for them to realize I wasn't a worthwhile option. I wish to make up for all the lost time of those girls and put this article on five signs where guys tell if he likes you or if he likes your body. Here they are 1. He keeps smirking at you - This is a clear sign he only wishes physical intimacy. He may want to check out your backside, your lips, your breasts and every other part of your body. Having a decent conversation with you is the last thing on his mind. 2. He keeps touching you time and again - Any guy can't hope to think of a long term relationship with a girl if he keeps touching her from the first time he meet her. A strict No for all girls to stay away from these morons(Irrespective of how dashing or how cool he may be) 3. He is just interested in knowing about your sex habits, especially in your first meeting - The point of how long you have known each other is absolutely irrelevant. In your first meeting, you just can't talk about each other's sex habits. He does that and you can walk out of the meeting. 4. Guys are told, "Leave something for girls to find out" - Some of you girls may want your guys to leave a sense of mystery about them. Good for you, if you are thinking right, but then there are guys who deliberately cover up some dark sides of their life. Find these fakers out as soon as you can, before it is too late. 5. Finally, beware of the guys who are the YES-Nodders - Yes-Nodders are those guys who would never disagree with you. They would nod their heads to almost everything you say, only in the belief that you would allow them to have SEX with you. But think about it - Would this guy be a long term asset for you? I would say probably No. The point is - I am not saying all guys sail in the same boat. But you do have those pesky pests who just desire your body and not you. That for me, is a wrong fundamental for any relationship, however trivial it may be. Stay away from such guys at all times. [ad_2]