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Os ministros do Planejamento, Osmar Serraglio, e do Banco Central, Robinson Faria, foram enviados à Câmara para uma reunião com os deputados. Os governistas dizem que ela tem que ser discutida pelo Congresso Nacional.
A reforma da Previdência está em discussão no Senado. Presidente do Senado é Antonio Anastasia (PSDB-MG).
Nas declarações de imprensa ao chegar à Câmara, Serraglio disse que o governo está “trabalhando, esperando a integração das duas faixas do debate que são os profissionais com e sem carteira assinada. Quando isso acontecer, a proposta será encaminhada ao Congresso para sua votação.”
O ministro acrescentou que a proposta ser
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Filespeedy Downloader 2013 V5 0 Rar
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SK Telecom has announced plans to launch a more aggressive strategy to build the next generation of mobile technology.
The Korean firm, which is South Korea’s largest telecoms operator, said it planned to invest up to US$11.6bn (£8.76bn) in its first generation 5G network by 2021.
The business also said it would launch its first 5G smartphone in the first half of next year.
It plans to deploy 5G services by 2022, and to have 4G networks working alongside 5G for four years.
The firm’s shares rose more than 5% to a record high of 6,300 won ($5.84) on the news on Wednesday.
While the company is expecting a further 4% rise in profits this year, analysts at Nom—-7sbahcaua4bk0afb7c9e.xn--p1ai/sinutrain-6-3-crack-download-link/

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