How to Decide on an MBA Dissertation Topic

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Throughout your MBA, you will no doubt have been toiling with the different areas of your operational experience and management that should have emphasis in essays and projects that you have been working on.  This will also be true when you are thinking about your MBA dissertation topic, as you will need to choose an element within your organisation to conduct an in-depth study.

Business dissertation topics do contain a wide ranging of different subjects to choose from and you should not look towards being constrained just by the department where you work.  You should also look at other departments that your team works with and look towards analysing the affects that both have on the topic at hand, and whether there are any affecting other aspects too.

Your dissertation will be a difficult and arduous task; therefore, you will want to look at a topic area that is of interest to you.  You may have been thinking about a specific area that you want to learn more about, so that you can help your organisation combat it.  What you should try to resist is higher management dictating which area, department or topic, should be chosen; whilst you should look at including some of their thoughts and thinking, behind your research, you should complete the research paper on a subject that interests you and will challenge your train of thought.

The paper should cover all usual dispensable sections required for discussion in scholarly research and each section should be adapted so that it can be read by non-academics.  Therefore, filled with enough theory and conceptualisation for other members in your organisation to understand.  The topic of the research should also reflect a broad overview and prospective towards the elements that you are trying to discover/research.

You should look at how the decisions you make on your chosen topic will affect your ability to conduct primary research with the people you want to.  This may be through interviews with experts in your field, industry, or organisation.  It can also be through primary research conducted with operational employees across your organisation too, so your topic may depend on the logistics that you are able to implement to gain views and answers that you can analyse.

You should be able to plan your research paper from now on in and also be able to see where it is going to end up.  That is not saying that the topic you choose will be so easy understand and see the end result; but, rather, you will be able to recognise the steps that will need to be taken in order to complete your research in a timely manner that will be of satisfaction to all parties involved.

An MBA dissertation is a complex and challenging research paper to complete; you will need to present your thoughts and viewpoint of the entire organisation and fit all the ‘building blocks’ into the right places.  This will result in effective components that can be implemented in your organisation, moving both yourself (academically and professionally), and the organisation (people and processes) forward.