How to Structure and Write an Essay - The Conclusion

00:00 Jan 01


This is the third and final article I am  writing  to give simple, easy to follow  essay   writing  tips to international students. I actually run my own website so I'm well qualified to give you some of the main tips I'd say would improve most of the  essays  we have submitted. My website offers a proofreading and editing  service  for just £8 for the first 1000 words so if you're still not 100% confident take a look and I'd love to help you towards far more professional results in the future.

Today I'm going to discuss how to  write  a good conclusion. We now have the introduction which identifies the question and how we'll proceed to answer it; we then have our well explained and backed up points set out in paragraphs answering the question and all we need to do now is pull them all together to actually answer the question - this is what the conclusion is there to do. So how do we go about this?

First of all I would personally recommend a general review of the points argued - perhaps a statement suggesting what your points seem to have led up to. To support this you will then need to identify those points which you have found are most important to answering the question. You are basically making your overall point and then providing evidence for this from the main body of the text. Once you have done this you are ready to give your subjective opinion in answering the question - be confident in doing this, if your  essay  is well  written  the arguments are already there to support the conclusion.

Some tips I'd recommend you consider:

- Don't summarise your points exactly as you  wrote  them - your conclusion will summarise the overall answer your  essay  has pointed towards and therefore only needs to be a few lines long.

- It must be logical and clear - don't jumble things up just say where your  essay  has led and state beyond doubt what you, personally, have come to think having conducted the necessary analysis.

- Be confident in yourself - if your  essay  is good you have presented a well informed argument and within your rights to answer the question yourself.

This is the last of three articles I have  written  on  essay  structure - if you want any further advice or my  essay  checking  service  interests please visit the site.