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To write a customized chemistry dissertation, it is essential to have better understandings of the field of chemistry

The word "chemistry" is derived from an Egyptian word "keme", which means Earth. Chemistry in its origin is a science that predicts and studies matter's structure, composition, properties, and the undergone changes during chemical reactions of matter.

The discipline of chemistry varies and depends on the type and group of matter being studied. The major disciplines of chemistry are:

  • Inorganic
  • Organic
  • Biochemistry
  • Physical chemistry
  • Analytical chemistry
  • Neurochemistry

Dissertation writing of chemistry sounds more like a nightmare to many students. The only key to success is to be consistent and patient along with the maximum utilization of resources, energy and time.

Writing a chemistry dissertation starts from topic selection, which requisites a great deal of attention, concentration, and devotion. A customized chemistry dissertation needs a topic that is proved to be value added research in the field of chemistry

This article will help students selecting the right topic for writing a perfect piece of customized chemistry dissertation. The ideal topics for writing a chemistry dissertation are:

AQUEOUS CHEMISTRY, which defines properties of Acids, Solubility, Alkalis, and Water.

CHANGING MATERIAL, studies the changes of atmosphere, the changes which occurs geologically, and products involving Air, Oil and Rocks. It also emphasizes upon the series of reactions.

CLASSIFICATION OF MATERIALS: it studies and classifies the atomic structure, its bonding, compounds and elements.

ORGANIC CHEMISTRY, which emphasizes on Fuels, Alcohols and Alkenes

BEHAVIOUR PATTERS, the enzymes, energy transfer, rate of reactions and periodic table all should be concluded in this topic.


Apart from that, topic which interests you the most can give you better results for writing your customized chemistry dissertation.

A few tips, which would be beneficial to be implemented during writing, are:  

  • Setting up achievable goals
  • Brainstorming the ideas related to chemistry dissertation writing
  • Note down the better understandings of your dissertation
  • Follow the right structure and pattern
  • Using right words and synonyms instant of repetition of words
  • Write specifically
  • Proofread before writing the final paper