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Industrial Industrial Ventilation Manual

. You will find VS-50-21 on page 10-69 of the “ACGIH: Industrial Industrial Ventilation Manual textbook” ( provided in the link. Based on this selected control system, determine the specification of the air cleaning system needed for the ventilation control system process (no calculation is required, only descriptive information). You should figure out the contaminant according to the provided information in the textbook. In another word, the selected air cleaner should be able to catch the contaminant of the process from activities of module 5-7 ( please find an excel file containing activities of module 5-7 in the material section of this order) or the final assignment.

Provide the complete explanation and justification for your selection in a report and the details as appendix (No calculation). You can provide images from the textbook or internet as long as you refer to them correctly. Make sure that you provide an introduction about the contaminant that is being controlled. Include the specifications of the contaminant(s) (size, molecular weight, specific gravity, etc. if applied) and how you think the air cleaner is able to capture them (adsorbtion, absorption, filtration, centrifugal force, etc.). Do you remember we used a chart to identify the range of the airborne hazard in a process in module 1 under the “airborne hazard”? You can use it in the report as a backup for the reason you believe the air cleaner is proper for the selected process.

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