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This dissertation is dedicated to my maternal parents who deserve special recognition for being instrumental in the creation and nurturance throughout my life of a persistent determination to earn a higher education.

My parents probably don’t realize just how influential on me their reverence for academics was, not only on my ceaseless drive to attain a higher education, but also on my decision to focus my work on becoming an educator myself.

This is but a tiny portion of all the things I’ll be forever grateful to my parents for: their love, support and encouragement, and an enduring belief in the extraordinary value of education.


There are so many people I would like to acknowledge and thank from the bottom of my heart for their unconditional support and encouragement throughout the long and arduous dissertation writing process, but none more than my beloved family. They were unyielding in their love, patience, and understanding while I toiled to complete my dissertation and trying as hard as I could to be the best sibling that I could be. I completely acknowledge how difficult this process sometimes was for all of us, and I’m so grateful that they never lost faith not only in my ability to finish my dissertation, but also to make it as exemplary as I could. It is impossible to express how much I truly love and appreciate. Thank you so much for everything.

I would also like to acknowledge and thank my parents for always shoring me up when I wasn’t sure if or when I would be able to complete my degree once and for all. I would like to thank my parents in particular for instilling in me from a very young age an abiding love of reading, a strong motivation to strive for excellence in my academic pursuits, and a spirit of curiosity, openness, and adventure in everything I do. In addition to my family, I would like to express my utmost gratitude to my professor dissertation advisor, mentor, friend, and inspiration to all women who aspire to achieve a higher education.

{Insert professor name} was unwavering in her support, encouragement, and especially her refusal to allow me to lose confidence in myself and my abilities, even with more than one unforeseen delay in the completion of my dissertation due to my work and family commitments.

Finally, I would like to acknowledge all the other people who were either directly or indirectly involved in helping me complete my research study, dissertation, and subsequent master’s degree. Thank you to all my instructors and professors, whose courses were engaging, informative, and thought provoking.

1.1 Introduction

The aim of this project is to study and analyze the integrated marketing communication of Budweiser in the UK.  Integrated marketing communications includes various marketing communication tools to spread a particular message to their target audience.  For example, it includes direct marketing, sales promotion, advertising, personal selling and consumer related activities. These activities should be in sync with the other marketing activities of the company in order to achieve the goals. To be precise, integrated marketing communication represents all the elements of marketing mix which promotes exchange by targeting the brand to a targeted group of consumers and positioning the brand in accordance to the competitive brands, sharing their unique selling proposition with the targetaudience (Belch et al,2014). To analyze the brand the first initiative is to understand the present situation of Budweiser in the market in terms of communication and marketing mix as compared to their competitors.

These days consumers are looking for something unique in whatever options they are being offered because of which there is an excessive demand for different kind of products. Therefore a brand needs to know its unique selling proposition in order to survive in the market. Proper usage of advertising , promotional activities , and interaction with the consumers  helps in generating better volume of exposure to the product or service which is the aim of any company . Advertising is one of the most effective way of market communication which targets millions of people ata time (Percy, 2014).

To communicate with the public and the consumers a company needs to advertise their latest campaigns on Television, web media, radio and print media. With the help of proper advertisement the company will be able to build their brand identity in consumersmind. For example a campaign “ Born the Hard way “ was introduced to the consumers and the viewers at the Super Bowl which provided huge consumer data base for advertisers . Budweiser invested around $4.5 million for a 30 second ad to generate profitability for their product. More than 20 million views were generated on YouTube commercial alone, this campaign influenced more exposure for Budweiser.

The aim of this integrated marketing communication plan is to evaluate the present and future market trends in order to create awareness amongst the consumers and to face the competitor’s by increasing the sales &profit margin .to study the present and future position of Budweiser in the market various tools like SWOT analysis,an off model and other marketing tools are used.

1.2 About the company

One of the nation’s largest brewer for more than 40 years is Anheuser Busch which was founded in 1876. A filtered beer which is available in packed form or in draft.  In 1870, Adolphus Busch registered Budweiser as a trademark in the United States and dubbed his company as “the king of beers “.

Most of the beer experts consider Budweiser to be greater than most of the Beers. The company’s head office is located in St. Louis, Massachusetts, USA.  Most of the major beer brands manufactured by Anheuser Busch brewing company are well known for its production of various beer brands like Michelob , Bud light and Budweiser .

Budweiser is considered as a premium brand which is especially designed for elite consumers. Between 1876 and 1996, Anheuser Busch used railroad cars as refrigerators to transport their beer to different markets in America. Budweiser was the first beer in America which won a national image and was marketed as a premium beer for high profile people and elite personalities in the community.The portfolio of Adolphus Busch in the UK includes other beer brands like Corona,StellaArtois,Hoegarden,and Bass&Boddingtons. In the year 2016, Budweiser got 33rd rank in terms of revenue and sales by Interbrand. During the 1990’s global competition in the beer market increased and there were disputes over who actually owns Budweiser will be given more importance.

Lately Budweiser has faced increase in competition in the UK market because of which they have beenlooking for overseas growth and better profit margin. UK market is almost stagnant for Anheuser Busch and the growth is very little. The company has various resources to compete with its competitors in the UK market and in the European market.

1.3 Aims and objectives of the study

Various research have been conducted on marketing and communication but some of the studies have focused on the coordination of the marketing promotional tools on consumer’s assistance of goods and services.

The need for Budweiser to completely adopt the integrated marketing communication approach comes out of the facts that there are some competitive and financial benefits to be achieved through the process of integration (Andrews & Shimp, 2017). The purpose of this study is to examine the effect of integrated marketing communication on consumption of Budweiser. Some of the specific objectives of this research are:-

  • To increase the market share
  • To enhance the beer quality and introduce new variants
  • To expand all over UK
  • Increase the sales by at least 30% in every four months with the help of various public campaigns
  • Create awareness amongst the target audience with the help of advertising(Steenkamp, 2017).

1.3.1 Target market

In a survey Most Americans described themselves as regular beer drinkers. However the target market for beer depends on alcohol preferences, consumption habits,age,gender, leisure activities,behavior, etc.Therefore Budweiser needs to target the market depending accordingly.  The target group includes

  • Young men
  • Sports fans
  • Prosperous young professionals

1.4 Statement of the problem

There are different opinions in the effectiveness of integrated marketing communications in promoting a brand and its products. Research shows that the organizations should properly coordinate its marketing communication strategies so that it delivers a proper, clear, and competitive message about the brand, its products &services (Blakeman, 2014).

To deliver the right message to the consumers has now become an issue of concern which every result oriented firm wishes to overcome by focusing more on it. Same way marketing for Budweiser has now become quite competitive who was once a major player in the market is now losing out to integrate marketing communication. In such case the management should combine different approaches to allow the brand to communicate in a single voice across all the forms of advertising

1.5 Research question

This research seeks to answer the following questions;

  • Is there any importance of integrated marketing communication by management of Beer producing companies like Budweiser?
  • Will proper implementation of integrated market communication by Budweiser help in decreasing the firms cost of marketing communications and increase the number of consumers? (Camilleri, 2018)
  • Can the use of integrated marketing communications lead to long term profitable relationship between the company and the consumers?
  • What all factors and marketing tools can enhance the usage of integrated marketing communication?
  • Can integrated marketing communications influence the sports lover and young professionals to purchase Budweiser and build strong brand loyalty towards the product?(Steenkamp, 2017).

1.6 Hypothesis

The following hypothesis was formulated in the null form and also tested with various statistical tools &questionnaires.

Hypothesis One Null- There is no particular difference in staff of beverage producing companies, their consumers, on their belief in the effectiveness of integrated marketing communications in promoting their products.


  • The more Budweiser adopts integrated marketing communications the less amount will be spent on its marketing communication activities.
  • The more Budweiser uses integrated marketingprinciples the more they will be into profitable relationships with their consumers.

1.7 Limitations of the study

My research has had a number of challenges and limitations even though my personal approach o the research helped me come up with the relevant data for form the basis of my research.

These challenges included:

  1. Limited resources to carry out the research and therefore the sample size are limited to the study only.
  2. Lack of willingness from the respodents to give private company data

1.8 Outline of dissertation 

This research comprises chapter one which covers the introduction section,about the company, the objective of the study, research questions, hypothesis and statement of problem. Then comes chapter two which deals with literature review which covers both conceptual and theoretical framework related to this chapter. The third chapter which is the methodology includes various research instruments. The fourth chapter comprises of analysis of findings with the help of statistical data. (WILL BE COMPLETED AFTER THE COMPLETE ASSIGNMENT IS DRAFTED)


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