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GOVT2305SEMESTER REPORTINSTRUCTOR: MR. JOHN BOLAND  The goal of the report is for each student to understand and analyze the National Debt of the United States Federal Government while offering logical and feasible plans to reduce or even eliminate these enormous levels of debt.PART 1: TITLE PAGE (5 points)PART 2: A DETAILED ANALAYSIS OF THE U.S. NATIONAL DEBT (40 points)What is the difference between the debt and deficit?What is the current size of the national debt (as of the current date)Who finances our debt?  (To whom do we owe this money?)Who manages the debt for the government?  (Who does the borrowing and how?)What are the biggest expenditures of the Federal Government?   (On what does the government spend most of its money?)What are the problems associated with the national debt?Why can’t we just print more money to cover the debt?PART 3: PLAN OF ACTION (40 points)What steps can or should be taken to reduce or eliminate the national debt?Do you plan to decrease spending, increase revenue, or use a combination of both?vIf you plan to decrease spending, what areas will you reduce? Why?vIf you plan to increase revenue, how will you do that?PART 4: WORKS CITED (5 points)MECHANICS:The report should have a cover page with name, date, course description, and a title. All information on the cover page should be centered.The report should be formatted in MLA standard.Possible tutorial sites:o

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