After Communist victory in 1949, the image of Mao Zedong proliferated. His image cam
to represent the Chinese Communist Party, even China itself. Research and review the
various historic images of Mao online and from our readings, especially the books The A
Of Modern China, Mahjong: Art Film and Change in China, and Art and China’s

Select at least three images from three different eras to write about – include one before
1976 by a Chinese artist, one after 1980 by a Chinese artist, and the Andy Warhol portrait
of Mao which were banned from being shown in China in 2012. Refer to the following f
information re the Warhol portraits:

0 Identify and analyze the following:

What are the specific characteristics of each image (consider Mao?s age, hairstyle,
clothing, expression, surroundings, etc.)?

What kind of emotional and political impact are these portrayals meant to have?

Who made these portraits, in what era, for what purpose?

Over time, how have the images made in China changed?


0 4 – 6 typewritten pages, with illustration of work you discuss and citations as necessary
(there must be at least 4 full pages oftext)

A separate bibliography listing at least 3 reputable sources, outside our textbook(s) and
Wikipedia (this does not count towards 4 -page minimum)

0 MLA Style

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