3 Year IT Systems Management Plan

Question description

Review the Skillsoft® topic “Information Systems Maintenance and Development Tools.”
Resource: Patton-Fuller
Community Hospital Networking Virtual Organization or an organization
you are familiar with that you can research to discover the cabling,
network equipment, and structure.
Create a 3-year organizational systems management plan incorporating current trends and security concerns.
Include the following:
Strategic goals that the 3-year must support or align toAn ability for the organization to upgrade its network transmission speed or bandwidth during the 3-year plan and beyondChange management planReplacement schedule for networking and computing devicesConfiguration management processesNetwork and application software upgrades and replacementContingency planning when unforeseen future hardware, software, and
networking technology or processes that may be disruptive must be
procured for the organization to remain competitiveUpgrades to network and application security, if appropriate, to
include any missing network devices that provide security over several
layers of the OSI modelUpgrades to wireless technology if appropriateUpgrades or procurement of specific network components that will
enhance transmission speed, accuracy, or availability, based on an
analysis of the networkPriority list of the items that must be procured or require funding
so that the budget execution authority can cost and plan for procurement

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