Topic: a child with challenging behaviors

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Use “Antecedent-Behavior-Consequence” (ABC) analyses to observe; record and develop a behavior support plan for a child with challenging behaviors.

Step 1: Select a child with challenging behaviors
Step 2: Conduct at least 5 observation using the ABC Recording of Behavior Sheet
Step 3: Hypothesis development to summarize what is known about triggers, behaviors, and maintaining consequences and offers an informed guess about the purpose of the problem behavior. (at least 200 words)
Step 4: Develop a behavior support plan by suggesting I , II & III
(400-500 words with reference)
I. Prevention Strategies: the responses that teacher provide or the alterations that may be made to an environment that make challenging behavior irrelevant
II. Replacement Skills: an alternative means for achieving the same purpose of the behavior should be identified and taught to the child
III. Consequence Strategies: the responses to behavior used by teacher when the child engages in challenging behavior.

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