A good essay has the following characteristics:
? It demonstrably makes use of readings (not just the textbook) and course material and references them: an essay is not just your opinion but should be based on the existing studies of the topic
? It is not simply a re-hash of lecture notes
? It makes an argument, rather than just being a list of points, and that argument can include, but should not be limited to, your own opinion
? It is structured rather than being a string of haphazard ideas
? It makes best use of the words available: as you write and re-read what you have written, ask yourself whether every word is relevant to the question


1.Clegg S., Kornberger M. & Pitsis T. (2012), Managing and Organizations. An Introduction to Theory and Practice. London: Sage, 3rd edition (it is acceptable to use the first edition, published 2005, or the second edition, published in 2008, but note that the chapter and page references in the reading list below refer to the third edition).

2.Grey, C. (2013), A Very Short, Fairly Interesting and Reasonably Cheap Book about Studying Organizations. London: Sage, 3rd edition (again you may use the first (2005) or second (2008) editions, but it is the third edition which is referred to in the reading list below). But note this is not a textbook and cann

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