A Queer Experience

Step 1: Choose a real world experience that relates to LGBTQAA (Lesbian, Gay, Bi, Trans, Queer, Asexual, Ally) identities.

Examples include:

Have a cup of coffee with an elderly LGBTQ person and interview them about their life

Attend a political meeting

Volunteer at an event

Go to pride

Go to a queer dance party

Go to a drag show

**** Basically, you can choose any experience that involves real world interaction with LGBTQA communities and their allies ***

*** Remember that this will require taking notes and being cognizant of what’s going on around you ***

Step 2: Using 5 outside academic sources, provide an academic analysis about the event or experience you chose. You must meaningfully discuss these texts, not just randomly cite sources.

Step 3: Discuss the meaning behind your

Example 1: if you go to a Lost and Found training event for homeless youth, you could discuss the social problem of homeless for LGBTQ youth.

Example 2: if you interview an elderly person, you could discuss the terrain of their life against the backdrop of changes for LGBTQ people.

Example 3: if you go to a drag show, you could discuss the importance of drag as a queer art form.


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