ABC-X Model

1.    Describe what you have learned about divorce in the US today.  Include issues about couple deterioration, effects on children and the effects of various

divorce and custody laws.

2.    Analyze the challenges for stepfamilies at the beginning of their formation and throughout the years.  Focus on the strategies that stepfamilies can employ to

lead to successful step-parenting.

3.    Define what stress is and the most common events that cause it.  Using the ABC-X Model, analyze how people cope with stress and how families adapt to it in

different ways based upon their own unique situations.

4.    Analyze the various roles that arise in the latter stages of family life for individuals over 60 years of age.  Talk about retirement, roles and death and

dying as you do that.  Review the different cultural practices that are explained in the text that either help or hinder people in that era of their life.

5.    Explore the impact of work on the family including issues about single parenting, dual earner families, poverty, unemployment and the role of government in

addressing some of these issues.  Also, describe and analyze the ten strategies for family and work balance.


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